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We understand that you may have additional questions and concerns other than what has been addressed on our site. Here we have answered questions that we believe will help you with some of the concerns linked to participation in a Running Abroad trip.

Who can participate in a Running Abroad camp?

This trip is designed for high school student-athletes of all genders who want to explore new cultures, new countries, and are serious about athletic training. We accept any level of fitness, as long as participants show interest and enthusiasm in our activities. We have prepared a program that revolves around running and fitness, social activities, learning, discovery, and new experiences.

I am a college student-athlete, can I participate?

For Summer 2018, registration is only open to high school student-athletes. However, we are looking to open a camp for college runners in 2018. Should you be interested, please let us know!

I am a parent, can I come?

You can definitely come with your son/daughter and meet us in Toulouse for the first day of camp (we would love that!). While we welcome you to come watch your son/daughter practice and compete (for the compete camp), only athletes are allowed to stay overnight at the CREPS International Altitude Training Center. For alternative overnight accommodations, there are several hotels within a short drive in the nearby town of Font-Romeu. Parents will also not be allowed to accompany the group on hikes, museum visits, social outings, etc. and must have their own mode of transportation. 

I am a coach and would like to come with my students. Is it possible?

Absolutely! Please contact us directly to talk more about it. We have special pricing for coaches. 

I would like to organize a private group training camp on different dates than those offered. Can you arrange this for us?

We'd love to help! Please contact us and tell us what you have in mind.

Am I covered under my health insurance if I need medical treatment?

Please check with your current health insurance provider regarding coverage in each country you will be visiting (France, Spain, Andorra for XC Prep Camp - France and Spain for Train & Compete Camp). In many cases, private insurance does not cover international travel, therefore we strongly recommend that you subscribe to a medical travel insurance. Our partner,, offers a medical/cancellation insurance that can be purchased during registration (check it out here), but if their insurance doesn't fit your needs, you can check with your current provider or go online to look for other options.Running Abroad will not be held liable for any medical costs incurred while attending the camp. 

What kind of training should I expect?

As previously mentioned, we accept all levels of runners, from recreational to very competitive athletes. Our professional and experienced coaches will design a program that will fit each individual’s training goals, fitness and abilities, as well as adjustment to altitude. Before the trip, we will be in close contact to understand these criteria and to make sure each athlete has an appropriate training program.

What if I already have a training program designed by my coach?

Our group leaders are willing to work with each participant’s program, should they already have one. Nevertheless, it is important to understand that the added value of this trip is to learn from a diverse and knowledgeable coaching staff. Our goal is to safely optimize your training with the group at hand, but also with the different locations.

What precautions will be taken to ensure the health/safety of my child?

The health and safety of our campers is the top priority. The Altitude Training Center of Font-Romeu has a trained medical staff on site that can take care of any small injury or sickness. In case of emergency, your child will be taken to the closest hospital. Additionally, all our staff members are CPT and First Aid certified and will have a medical kit on hand at all times. 

Can special dietary requirements be accommodated?

We must know about any food allergies and/or dietary restrictions in advance of your arrival. With this knowledge, there should not be any issue in accommodating your request. All meals prepared at the Altitude Training Center restaurant are fresh and designed for athletes. Meals eaten outside the altitude camp will be chosen with our experience in accommodating healthy athletes in the middle of training season.

What should I pack, how much money will I need?

This is a training camp held in the summer. We will send you an information packet regarding what you should bring with you and logistics closer to the day of departure. How much money you would like to bring is up to you, however we suggest that when deciding on the amount you take into account the daily schedule, as well as the list of what is/is not included in the price. You may also want to check the U.S. State Department travel site for more information on traveling to France.

I have never traveled out of the States, is it an issue?

It is absolutely not an issue. Airports in the U.S. and Europe are safe and easy to navigate. Should you have questions, we will be happy to assist you on small details that will make your child's travel go as smoothly as possible. 


How many student-athletes can join a camp?

We limit each camp to 24 campers to make sure that we can give a qualitative, personalized, safe and memorable experience to everyone. Our camper/staff ratio is 8:1 maximum, which is well within the French Guidelines for camps of children within this age group.

Who are the staff members?

All staff members have experience in running and coaching and are from the local region of France. More importantly, all staff members have been background checked, have a valid drivers license, are CPR and First Air certified. Additionally, our Camp Counselors are BAFA certified to work with children of all ages. Learn more about the team by clicking HERE.


Are there any rules to follow?

Yes. We will have you sign a Code of Conduct. As participants are minors, we want to make sure all campers behave and respect each other, as well as the people they will meet. Some rules include: no alcoholic beverages, no smoking, no sexual conduct, 10 p.m curfew.

Are devices (cellphone, laptop, tablet, etc.) allowed? Will I be able to get on the internet? Should I get roaming data for use while in France?

Electronics are allowed and Wifi will be provided at the camp so you can connect with your child each night. However, we will encourage campers to limit their use in order to fully appreciate the activities and beautiful surroundings. As for data coverage, all group leaders will have a phone that can call/receive calls from the U.S. in case of emergency. Parents will be provided with this number in advance, but please keep in mind this number will be for emergencies only, so we fully understand if you would like to purchase data for texts or personal calls. You can check with your service provider for details. Please note that cell service may be limited during some travel and group activities (hikes, visits to small villages, etc.). It is also important to note that we cannot be held responsible for theft of any valuables during the trip. 

I would feel more comfortable if I could talk to a parents from past camps. Can you connect us with someone? 

Absolutely! We have had great relationship with parents and will gladly pass along contact information so that you can chat!

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