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Day 2 - Toulouse

Dernière mise à jour : 8 oct. 2018

The camp has finally started !! Some participants were coming all the way from the US while others were already in France for vacation. Aside from one participant arriving tomorrow morning, everyone arrived safe and sound, which was the most important!

Most of our young campers arriving early had the chance to explore the beautiful city of Toulouse and see its main places such as Le Capitole, Saint Pierre, Place Wilson ... Everyone then took an easy 30 to 40 min shake out run later in the afternoon. Not so easy when you're jetlagged but exercising will help our campers adjust quicker to the time change difference.

After a dinner in a cafeteria of the center of Toulouse, we wandered in the street of Toulouse and endep up at the Prairie des Filtres to see an outdoor concert performed by l'orchestre du Capitole, a well-known symphony orchestra. We didn't stay very long as most of us were feeling tired (See below a video of the concert).

A good first day as the goal was to get everyone set up and ready to go the mountains ! Tomorrow we'll get to know each other better and we'll head to the beautiful Pyrénées.

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