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Day 12. Carcassonne medieval castle and back to Toulouse

Dernière mise à jour : 8 oct. 2018

Today we woke up in our hotel by the Mediterranean sea, and we said goodbye to Alessia, whose parents came to pick her up... It was a bit sad as we are starting to get attached to each other at this point...

We ate breakfast at 9 am, and because we had a kitchen in our apartment, Martin cooked an omelet for everyone - we got the feedback that crepes and bread for breakfast wasn't enough so we went to a store and got some eggs this morning :)

At 10 am, we left to go the city of Carcassonne! We ate at a local pizzeria who had something rare in France: AC!

We then headed toward the medieval castle of Carcassonne. This castle is actually a fortified "city" founded about 2500 years ago and got its fame from its 1.9 miles double fortified wall and its 52 towers. It is also a Unesco World Heritage site. Funny thing, they painted the North face of the castle for an art exhibition. See below picture.

We did the guided audio visit and the campers were very impressed by the size of the castle. What a fun time!

After wandering quite a while in the castle, we starting heading back to Toulouse and went to a nearby lake for the workout of the day! Between 6 and 8 miles depending on the campers. We then worked on technique and finished off with some strides.

In the evening, we ate a nice dinner at the hotel and went outside on the lawn to play some a couple of new games everybody loved! And what a surprise we had when the "cite de l'espace", the space center right next to the hotel, decided to shoot a big fireworks! It felt so good to sit there, on the grass, playing game with everyone on a cool summer breathe in the south of France & watching this unexpected fireworks. Life is great here!

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