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Day 3 - Font-Romeu

Dernière mise à jour : 8 oct. 2018

Today we had our first official "sit-down" meeting with everyone. We wanted to give everyone an idea of what activities we have planned, what a day looks like and to formally introduce the team at the camp (Caina, Ewen and Martin). It is important that everyone understands how things are going to work, what they can do and what they can't (camp rules).

After the meeting, we played fun games together in order to know each other and to "break the ice". We had a good laugh !

While we then gave the first French class, Martin went to pick up Hays who joined the team for lunch at the restaurant of the hotel. At 1pm, we took off to Font-Romeu. After a 2h30 drive, the group arrived at Residence les Ecureuils. We took some time to rest and to enjoy the beautiful view from the bedrooms.

Then we met Yoann Kowal, European 3000m steeplechase champion in 2014 and 5th place at the last Rio Olympics. It was great for everyone to get to run with such a fast runner at the international training center of Font-Romeu. An easy run of 30min run on nice trails followed by 6 to 10 strides to let the body acclimatize to the altitude (remember that we are now at almost 6000 feet above sea level). We will start picking things up in terms of training and mileage tomorrow for those are want to/able to.

Tonight, the hotel had planned for us a barbecue at 7pm to let us watch the semi-final of the World cup, as France was facing Belgium. Some paintings on their beautiful faces and they were ready to cheer for France ! France is now in the Final and we will all be watching on Sunday. that should be very fun!

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