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Day 4 - Running with Champions

Dernière mise à jour : 8 oct. 2018

Things are getting real over here.

We woke up at 7:50am, got French breakfast with nice bread, fruits, cereals (etc.) at 8:am, jumped into our daily hourly French lesson, changed for practice and jumped into the vans to go to the lake of Matemale located at lower altitude (5000 feet vs. 6000 feet where we are staying in Font-Romeu). We then went for a progressive distance run on beautiful and soft trails surrounded by pine trees. Some campers ran for 40min while some others ran for an hour. Once again, our campers were very lucky to do the run with Yoann Kowal (European champion and 5th place at Rio Olympics) and Martin's teammate, Djilali Bedrani Vice national champion last weekend on 3k steeplechase.

After a good lunch at the hotel, everyone had time to relax. At 2:30pm we played soccer outside (see video below) and had some fun team bonding activities. Everyone now seems to know each other well thanks to the many fun games led by our counselors.

Finally, we took the groupe to a supermarket so they could buy their own snacks for the rest of the week. Fun fact: the walk at the supermarket was during the French "hour" (between 6pm and 7pm everyday, the counselors can "only" speak French !!), so everyone "played" the game and ordered their food in French. How fun! On the way back to the hotel, we stopped in town to visit a 'fromagerie' (where cheese is being sold), and a boulangerie where we bought different breads to try. Delicious !

In the evening our campers had the choice between another fun game and the second World cup semi final. Pretty much everyone chose the game. They are saving it for Sunday : France vs. Croatia => ALLEZ LA FRANCE !!!

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