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Day 6 - Run in Paula Radcliffe Territory & Water jump

Dernière mise à jour : 8 oct. 2018

Another beautiful day has passed in the Pyrénées. After yesterday's fartlek, we had a distance run this morning, but a distance day at high altitude (6500 feet above sea level), guided by a pro trial runner. We parked the vans on the parking of the ski resort and walked to the top of La Calme where nice trails welcome runners who are brave enough to find them ! On the playing field of British distance runner Paula Radcliffe women marathon record holder in 2:15, we enjoyed a run between 40min and 1 hour on a 10min loop easy to remember so that different groups could go their pace without getting lost. Some gorgeous and flat soft-surface trails but with few little hills that remind quickly you that there is less oxygen at this altitude when you are a bit struggling on those up hills.

After lunch and a shower, it was time to get ready for the activity everyone was talking about : water jump ! Located at the lake of Err surrounded by the mountains, the jumps and slides were calling for us. As you can imagine, it was a lot of fun. At the end of the afternoon, some decided to do their laundry, while others were playing pool, tennis table, foosball, etc at the hotel.

Dinner was served as usual, this time with the company of a pro rugby team who arrived at the hotel a couple of days ago. Finally after another fun night game (Ewen our camp director never gets out of ideas to entertain our campers, and they seem to love it !), curfew was pushed back to 11:00pm for all those who decided to go see the firework of Font-Romeu, in celebration of an early Bastille day - July 14th 1789, a turning point of the French revolution.

To sum up, just another day with a good run, a fun activity, a French lesson, a bit of culture, and a ton of fun !!

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