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Day 7 - Bastille day

Dernière mise à jour : 8 oct. 2018

So much water today, between the sweat during the morning workout, the swim at the pool in the afternoon and the recovery at the hot spring water.

The morning workout didn't look the same for everyone. On this day 6, this is when some campers are getting a bit tired and want to take it easy while some other feel good and want to double down on the training, so we did a custom program for everyone today. Few campers took the day off running, some others did an easy run in the forest of Matemale followed by strides while a last group did intervals workout on a beautiful 1200m loop created few years ago specially for Paula Radcliffe. The workout : 1x1000m + 5x800m + 1x600m. Not an easy one but every participant did very well at keeping the pace up on this fun loop in between pine trees.

In the afternoon we enjoyed an outdoor pool to swim or aquajogg. Cross training at the pool is a great way to do more cardio while avoiding the impacts on the ground during the runs.

Finally, we went to the natural hot springs of Llo to relax and let our bodies recover from a good week of training.

The meals were particularly excellent today as we were served a buffet for lunch on the terrasse to enjoy a perfect weather, and a delicate meal for dinner. We were celebrating Bastille day- honoring July 14th 1789 when the Bastille was taken over during the French Revolution, the fight against monarchy. Tomorrow everyone is off running as we're all going on a hike on the Carlit Mountain!

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