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Day 8 - Beautiful Hike & World cup win!

Dernière mise à jour : 8 oct. 2018

What a day !! It started well with the 30 extra minutes of sleep for everyone. Breakfast at 8:30am instead of 8:00am, and departure at 9:30am for a great hike on the Carlit mountain. Each camper carried their backpack containing a meal prepared by the hotel, water, sun block, sun glasses, and long sleeves as it can be windy up there. The landscape, as you can see on the pictures, was just gorgeous. We walked about 4 hours in total on rocky trails, seeing 9 lakes on the way in the middle of those beautiful mountains, where we could see a bit of snow in some area. We took some time to enjoy a good lunch on the border of a little lake, where the most brave put their legs on the water to get a sort of ice bath (yes, the water is cold at 8000 feet above sea level).

Back to the hotel at 3pm, we gave the campers a bit of time to shower, rest and get ready for the game: The World cup final held in Russia in which France faced Croatia. We went to the Maillol, the most authentic restaurant/bar of Font-Romeu and cheered for France with dozens of supporters who also wanted to share this particular moment. Luckily, France scored 4 times and gave us an entertaining and historical game, which will be remembered forever by French people (and hopefully by our campers too !!), as France took for the second time the World cup title. As a side note, we are playing every day little fun games that everyone loves and have fun with. The camaraderie among the campers is at its highest and there is still a full week to go! Today, we were definitely on top of the world. Tomorrow another week will start, isn't it exciting ?!

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