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Day 9 - A new country to check off the bucket list

Dernière mise à jour : 8 oct. 2018

Hello everyone, this morning the bad weather provided a good challenge for our campers but the drop in temperature, the wind and the rain didn't prevent us from having a great workout. Martin took on a long run (10 miles) with the group who did long intervals on Saturday while those who had a distance run on Saturday did a workout today (6 to 8 repeats of 600m on the "Paula Radcliffe's" loop). Again, something for everyone!

Not only today was a special day because France woke up as world champion (This is THE topic of conversation among the whole country), but it was also Dani's birthday, who turned 16. We didn't want to miss the opportunity to celebrate, so for lunch we bought some pastries from the boulangerie for everyone and let her blow out some candles, and gave her a Running Abroad shirt signed by every camper and counselor !

Initially we were supposed to enjoy the afternoon on top tree adventure courses for some (basically the girls chose this activity) and laser tag for others (basically, the boys...), but because of the rain, we decided to push this activities back to tomorrow afternoon. Instead, we went to the country of Andorra, at about one hour drive from Font-Romeu. Under the gloomy weather, not that many great pictures but at least now everyone can say they have been in France, Spain and Andorra this summer. Fun Facts: Andorra is known to have lower tax on goods sold (4.5% instead of 20% in France), so there are many shops selling a wide varieties of things. Many French people usually travel a couple of hours once in a while as a big stock up trip. For our campers, it looks like they stocked up on snacks and candies in Andorra! Ha!

Tomorrow morning everyone is back on the same training schedule : hills workout at the international training center. And another afternoon of fun !

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