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Discover the true value of this camp !

  • Visit the beautiful city of Toulouse, which was founded in 200 BC.

  • Walk on the French/Spanish border in the middle of the mountains and visit a tiny Spanish Village that sits on the border.

  • Spend a whole day in Andorra, one of the smallest countries in the world

  • Visit the fortified city of Carcassonne (UNESCO World Heritage).

  • Walk on the road where the Tour de France will go through a few days later and write something on it!

  • Get to zip-line and go to a water park in the middle of the mountain!

  • Enjoy the beach of the Mediterranean Sea and stay there overnight

  • Discover the beautiful mountains of the Pyrénées through running and simple hiking activities.

  • Spend 8 nights at the All inclusive Stay at the International Altitude Training Center (CREPS) in Font-Romeu.

  • Use the full access to the pool/gym/spa/cafeteria

  • Do some runs and work-outs with Pro-Runner Martin Casse (3:56 - Mile)

  • Meet professional runners from all over the world.

  • Get your personalized training program that would have been crafted with our coaches/parents/your coach.

  • Option to study French with native French speakers during 60 min daily lessons (Opportunity to also speak French to our Staff at any point)

  • Recover and relax in the natural hot springs of the Pyrénées.

  • Get strategic race advice and tactics from nationally certified coaches and professional runners. 

  • Learn about running in Division I and receive guidance and mentoring on getting a track scholarship.

  • Learn about the history of France as well as the history of all of the cities we visit. 

  • Eat and dine in typical french cafe/restaurant and experience southern French food.

Our camp is limited to 20 spots so don't wait too long to register!


$2,499 (Tax included)

Group discount: If you are a group of 4 or more - contact us directly for group rate!

The price includes:


  • Administration fees

  • Daily sleeping accommodations in a double room (single available for additional cost)

  • All meals (Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner) except the first and last dinner in Toulouse.

  • 10 + hours of French lessons!

  • All activities with our coaches

  • All entry fees to castles, museums, parks,

  • Access to all sport facilities on campus (training room, trainers, spas)

  • Social activities during evenings and weekends

  • Entrance to the Spa of Toulouse and the natural hot springs of the Pyrénées

  • All transportation starting and finishing at the Toulouse-Blagnac airport

The price does not include:

  • International airfare to Toulouse, France

  • International travel insurance

  • Passport

  • Any healthcare related cost during the camp

  • Personal expenses and spending money (souvenirs)

  • Personal snacks for in between meals

  • First and last dinner in Toulouse 


This is a tentative program for the 2 weeks with us. This schedule is flexible and will change based on the needs and wants of each particular group, as well as the weather. The below schedule underlines the main highlights but there will be so much more during the camp. For those who have opted-in for the french classes, expect to have 1h of French lesson every day.

July 8th: Time to pack your bag and head to the airport! With the time difference, you will get to Toulouse the next day.

July 9th- Arrive at Toulouse-Blagnac Airport where you will be greeted by one of our camp leaders and meet your fellow trip-mates. With our private vans, we will drive to the hotel so that you can drop your luggage and freshen up if needed. We will spend the evening in the beautiful center of old town Toulouse, taking a group stroll and learning about this city that is more than 2,200 years old. This will be followed by dinner in a cute restaurant so that everyone can enjoy the French cuisine from Day 1. We will then head back to the hotel and everyone will be in their rooms by the 10pm curfew.

July 10th - Wake up and eat your first fresh croissant at the hotel. For those who have opt-in for the french classes, we will do our first lesson (60 mins every day)! Free time for everybody else. Everyone will then hop in the van and enjoy a morning run around the forest of La Ramée in Toulouse. Most runs with the group will be made with our professional runner, Martin Casse (3:39 at the 1500m, see "about us" for more details). After the run, we will head to International Altitude Training Center in Font-Romeu. We will take the scenic route so you will have many opportunities to take pictures of the tiny villages we come cross on the way. The best thing is that because we are outside of the big city, there are very little tourists and everything you see is 100% real!​ We will move in into our rooms and get dinner at the Athletic center dining hall. Cards/Board games will be available in the evening as well as watching party of the world cup semi final.

July 11th - Get up and open the window, what a view! You are in the middle of the mountains facing the highest track in Europe. You will have a French lesson in the morning (or free time), then accompany the group to buy groceries and snacks in Font-Romeu, a cute little town nestled in the mountain. In the afternoon, we will do our first altitude run and see how you adapt. Don’t worry, we will take it easy. Because there are still some Diamond League meetings going on, you will have a good chance to spot some Olympians on the track as it is often their favorite place to train. After the run, you will get to relax your legs at on site spa at the International Altitude Training Center. At night, we might have a surprise at dinner with some professional runners coming to meet you!

July 12th - During the morning practice, we will keep building your base mileage, will also add some small speed variation (long intervals adapted for everyone). For example, instead of running 5 miles at a 8 min/pace, we can do some miles at a 7:30 pace and others at an 8:30 pace (These are pace examples. We will adapt and can go as fast or as slow as your fitness allows). In the afternoon, we will visit the village of Font-Romeu, maybe even grab a hot chocolate at a cute, typical French café and then we will go... Zip lining (whether permitting)!!

July 13th - Early altitude run on beautiful trails in the nearby forest. We will then hop on the van and head to another country that is about 90 mins away: ANDORRA! Andorra is one of the smallest countries in the world and is nestled in the middle of the Pyrénées Mountains. You will learn about how this beautiful country has survived throughout its history being wedged in between France and Spain. We will spend the whole day exploring this unique country, even having our French lesson there! We will head back to Font-Romeu at the end of the day.

July 14th - Breakfast in the morning followed by our daily French lesson. Practice will begin around 10:30am, first focusing on strength & plyometrics that will give you the tools to stay injury free the rest of the season. We will do long intervals to keep building mileage but also start speed variation to get the full benefit of altitude training. After lunch, we will spend most of the afternoon at the Lac des Bouillouse where we hope to observe wildlife. For the most courageous ones, you can even put your legs in the lake or even dive in. For the most courageous ones, you can put your legs in the lake or even dive in. As we are in altitude, the lake will be cold, even in the middle of summer. How simple and beautiful life is when all you have to do is to chill by a lake in the mountains… It is also Bastille day today so we may go to a nearby town to watch the fireworks!

July 15th - Day off running as we will be taking a group hike in the beautiful mountains about an hour away from Font-Romeu. The Pyrénées are breathtaking! After the hike we will enjoy the natural hot springs of "Bains de Lio". If we run out of time and can't go to the hot spring, we will go the following day. We will have our daily French lesson where we see fit depending on the weather. That evening, listen to a talk given by Martin Casse on his experience running in Division I, including useful advice on the best way to get a track scholarship. Optional viewing of the World Cup final- Hope France is in it!

​July 16th - Typical morning with breakfast followed by French class. Once our breakfast is digested, we will do our long run by one of the lakes that is a little lower in altitude (altitude variation is important when training). Go back for a lunch at the facility, nap/chill/watch professional runners train on the track early in the afternoon and then we will head to the Font-Romeu water park (whether permitting). Diverse social activities offered after dinner.

July 17th - Breakfast followed by our daily French class. We will then do our workout in the forest nearby on soft trails. You will see that it is beautiful!  In the afternoon, we’ll do something very exciting: walk on the actual France/Spain border (only 30 mins away) that is literally in the middle of the mountain. We will then cross the border and visit a lovely, quaint village that is located right between the two countries. If you have never been to Spain, you will be able to cross another country off your bucket list! After dinner, Martin will tell you all of his secrets about his race strategy for the 800m and the 1500m, including how he got to 3:39 and was selected in the French National team. He will engage in a discussion with all campers so that you can learn the most from of his experiences. ​

July 18th - Pack your bags, we are heading to the beach! After we do an early workout on the trails of Font-Romeu, eat breakfast and have our French lesson, we will head to the beach on the Mediterranean Sea! We will go through the city of Perpignan and have a late lunch on the shore. Bring your swimming gear as the water will be delightful in July. For those interested, we will play beach volleyball or soccer and spend a great afternoon at the beach. We will spend the night by the beach.

July 19th - After a long run, we will take you to the fortified city of Carcassonne. You will be impressed by the beautiful castle dominating the medieval fortified town (UNESCO World Heritage). We will learn about how this city resisted assault for more than 2,000 years and how life was during the Roman Empire. We will drive back to Toulouse after the meet in the evening.

July 20st - Last workout in Toulouse along the Canal du Midi, which is famous because it connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. We will then explore the city of Toulouse, giving you plenty of time to learn about the 1,000 year old cathedrals and the rich history of this city founded in 200 BC. We will eat our last dinner in a typical French restaurant in the center of Toulouse and we‘ll enjoy the rest of the evening with some awards and camp completion diplomas for everyone.

July 21st - Is it time to fly back home. We will escort you to Toulouse-Blagnac Airport in coordination with your flight time. You will be then able to tell your family and friends about your French experience! By this time, you may be able to have a basic conversation in French! Bravo et bon voyage!