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"Best experience of my life"

Gram D. Birmingham, AL. Summer 2018

"This camp was a great experience. The training, the counsellors and new people made it amazing. Font Romeu is a great place"

Arvid B. Sweden. Summer 2018

"This was one of the best times of my life"

Etienne D. Los Angeles. CA. Summer 2018

"I loved having people from all over the place to learn about different cultures.The training was very personalized and I learned a ton! Practicing French was also great"

Dani B, Atlanta, GA. Summer 2018

"Thank you for your outstanding communication, organization, and support on every level throughout the camp. I know that Camila had a terrific experience"

Erika E. Parent. Flagstaff, AZ

"What a wonderful experience – My daughter loved every minute of it.  She had lots of fun, worked hard, and made some great friends – what could be better! It more than met our expectations"

Lauri B. Parent.  Atlanta, GA.

"Henry is very thankful that he had the opportunity to experience the training, culture and such a beautiful area of the world.We would not hesitate to recommend the camp to anyone who is interested in attending in the futur. Thank you for a wonderful experience"

Henry H. Parent. Birmingham, AL

"What a wonderful experience this was for Anna!  She had an amazing time and got so much out of the camp in addition to the running. Y’all did an amazing job with the kids and keeping parents informed”"

Mary Beth B. Parent

Testimonials from the Carroll University Track team who did a private camp with us in June 2019

"Best running I've ever done"

"Fantastic camp"

"Awesome experience"

"So many fun activities"

"staff was excellent. They were there to help get the best experience possible"

"Food was delicious"

"Loved everything"

"Not a minute of boredom"

"loved everything we saw"


"Couldn't have asked for better counselor"

"I had a great time at the camp"

"Accommodation were perfect"

"Training was good because they allowed us to do our training and be flexible with it"

"Really enjoyed the training"

"I thought they were great counselors"

"I had an amazing time. Definitely the best way I could have toured France"

"Nothing could be better. I absolutely loved the camp and had a great time"

"Love the view of the mountains, still can't get over it" 

"The counselors were the most amazing people I have ever met"

"The variety of activities and places we went was really cool and allowed me to learn a lot"

"The training was good and pretty flexible to fit people's individual needs"

"Variety of activities was great because we got to experience a lot of new things"

"Running expertise was excellent"

"Leaders were very personable, funny and approachable - they always had a plan B and were prepared"

"Meeting professional runner and competing against french people was my favorite thing about the camp"

"would absolutely recommend this camp to a friend"

"It is a fantastically organized camp and this was a great cultural experience"

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